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Two-for-One Productions

Artistic Directors: Sam McCready; Joan McCready

Two-for One Productions specializes in the one-person play or the two-hander. Such plays rely heavily on text but the company is also interested in exploring the theatrical aspects of the genre; the staging and visual presentation; the use of alternative venues for presentation. Because there are only one or two actors involved, this form of theatre is economical to produce, an important consideration in todayís economic climate, but the form is as ancient as story-telling and has engaged some of the great names of world theatre, among them Micheal MacLiammoir, Siobhan McKenna, and more recently Vanessa Redgrave, Antony Sher and Simon Callow. Itís a form that is alive and well and ready-made for many of todayís more intimate theatre spaces. The directors of Two-for-One Productions, Sam and Joan McCready, have had international success with this minimalist form, most notably with Coole Lady: The Extraordinary Story of Lady Gregory, with A Time to Speak, adapted from the Holocaust memoir by Helen Lewis, and The Great Yeats! Remarkable Father of a Remarkable Family, all of which have been performed to much acclaim in the US, the UK, and Ireland. Welcome to Two-for-One Productions.



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